A self-motivated, driven individual with experience working in the catering and recruitment sectors. With a passion for design, code and technology startups I love gaining access to the latest and greatest tools that aim to disrupt an industry. However I also understand that, in our modern, fast paced lives, a sense of community is more important than ever (read my thoughts on this here medium.com/@tjmrees).



My strongest interests lie with the intersection of design and code. I indulge in the feeling of taking an idea from its earliest conception to a working implementation. I especially enjoy designing and creating mobile first web applications.

I feel that my desire to create and discover comes from my childhood experiences of living on a farm. Growing up with the farm yard at my doorstep opened me up to a world of creativity when I was younger, and this creativity has now been allowed to shine through in new ways through the medium of code.

An example of how my childhood inspired me would be one of my personal projects (cattletrack.herokuapp.com) which is essentially a herd management system. I was frustrated by the inefficiency and lack of data being kept on the majority of modern cattle farms in my area, so I decided to create a small web application to try and solve this.

I also adore cooking. Cooking is something that I have enjoyed from a young age and is something that I still enjoy today.


Node.js Mongodb JavaScript Python HTML CSS Photoshop Illustrator Git Problem Solving Design Development

Throughout my career, both academic and professional, I have developed a varied set of transferable skills; as well as developing skills outside of what has been required.

I love writing small applications that solve a specific problem. I have experience of working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Python and Git, as well as a basic knowledge of Ruby. I particularly love using JavaScript to develop beautiful experiences, on both the server and client side using the latest and greatest JavaScript frameworks.

I admire well written code and I could spend hours reading, learning and understanding how a solution has been implemented. Once I have found the ideal solution to a problem, I enjoy using new, emerging tools and sharing my knowledge with others.

I have a passion for design, which has led me to develop a wide set of photoshop and illustrator skills. Alongside these design tools, I also looked into the use of After Effects and Premiere Pro when creating how-to videos for previous projects.